4+ yrs 

Our Cheer4fun sessions are great classes that combine physical endurance and strength-based activities, developing coordination, flexibility and mental skills. Cheerleading is a fast-growing sport in the UK providing many boys and girls with a safe community where they can build confidence, leadership skills and self-awareness.


We have three Cheer4fun classes one in Cranbrook, Sevenoaks and Edenbridge.



This class is for athletes to perform at various events throughout the season. This class is perfect for ages 5-12.

During this class our cheerleaders are taught...

Dance – Athletes will learn a simple routine to traditional Cheer Music Mixes
Motions – These are simple arm positions.
Tumbling – Forward rolls and basic tumbling

Jumping – from star jumps to tuck jumps, a great part of the session to burn off some energy
Building Skills – simple stunts and trust exercises that build confidence, team work and are great fun to try.

Once a year Fusion Cheerleaders will get to show off their skills in our Summer Showcase where parents, friends and family can come along and enjoy the show.

What to wear
There is a lot of moving and rolling around in our classes, so comfy not restricting clothes and trainers.
There will be uniform which should be purchased after 4 weeks of joining this is available for training and travelling to performances.


Once skills are developed your athlete might be invited to take part in the 'Prep Team' and this will prepare the athletes for the competition teams.